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live show touring Autumn 2023


'Bang up to the Elephant' is the Fool's Gold live show for Autumn 2023.

This show has a powerful theme - our Victorian friends! Songs and stories about Crime, Heroines, Medicines, real and Quack - and so much to enjoy and join in with!


All Fool's Gold shows are themed in one way or another. Our shows mix together songs, and their stories and feature engaging projected visuals illustrating both songs and stories. All the songs are performed completely live - if you want a style reference you could start with 'Folk' but not the heavy trad version. 'Bang up to the Elephant' has a strong Victorian theme - stories of Crime, Heroines, and Quack Doctors abound. There is lots for audiences to join in with and participate.

Oh, and all the stories are completely true.


Fool's Gold is Carol and Steve Robson. We began a while ago in Folk Clubs but soon spread our wings as the shows began to develop and take off. Our music is a mixture of original songs and traditional ones - there's always something for audiences to join in with. When we play, everything is live, delivered through our rather nice PA and projection system. We play a large variety of instruments, and depending on the show, guitars (6,12, and 4 string tenor), bass guitar, ukulele, bouzouki, keyboards, flute, whistles, and voices will be in there somewhere.


Fool's Gold shows are extremely good value for money. We would say that, but here is the proof...

The basic show charge is £200. If there is a huge journey involved we would need to discuss expenses.

We also come to arrangements with halls to ensure that everyone is happy. Judging by our re-booking rate, they seem to be!

Arrangements such as a ticket percentage, with a guaranteed minimum, are all possible by arrangement.


It's always nice if you have a track record - it shows that what's promised can, and has, been delivered!

We have a huge history of shows for organisations and they can be found on the gigs page of the main website.

On the right is a list of Village Halls and Venues that we have played for on our last two hall tours.

We don't mind whom you ask if we were any good - we can't have bribed them all!



Remembrance Tour 2022

15 Oct BURC (Berwick)

29 Oct Knott Memorial Hall, Heddon on the Wall

04 Nov Edmundbyers Village Hall

07 Nov Stanley Civic Hall

12 Nov Allendale Village Hall

18 Nov Dufton Village Hall, Cumbria

'Beat the Drum' is our Remembrance show and is usually offered Oct-Nov. It is still available if interested, please get in touch.

Dark Light

Tour 2023

17 Mar Edmundbyers Village Hall

18 Mar BURC, Berwick

25 Mar Dalton and Gayles Village Hall

01 Apr  Stamfordham Village Hall

15 Apr Dufton Village Hall

22 Apr Tarset Village Hall

28 Apr Hamsteels Community Centre

29 Apr Witton Park Village Hall

13 May Allendale Village Hall

20 Apr Ebchester Village Hall

21 Oct St Cuthbert's Hall, Shotley Bridge

18 Nov Soulby Village Hall

More dates TBC

Dark Light is a musical mystery - and it's a true story too, audiences have the story, the visuals, and the live music, and try to solve a true tale of a mysterious disappearance! It is still available to book.


If this show is of interest, and you would like to discuss it further, please use the contact form below. If you'd rather call, please do, we can be contacted on 0795 7948116

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