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Our Christmas Show has all the usual ingredients of a Fool’s Gold Show - the songs -performed live, the fascinating stories behind the songs, the images to bring it all to life - and of course, a big helping of Christmas!

You will know the songs - but you may not know the stories that hide behind them, and be warned, it is very hard NOT to join in!

Fool's Gold

Carol and Steve Robson are musicians who have been presenting their mixed story/image/live music shows to audiences all over the UK. Often our shows have a theme and include well-known and original music. 

We began in the folk clubs of the North East of England, which probably explains why some of the songs are about coal mining!  

But the Christmas show?

Can you guess what that's all about?

The Show fee is the same as the other shows - no Christmas premium.

Therefore the cost is £200 plus the cost of fuel to get to and from the venue.

The show is available throughout the Christmas period, evenings, or during the day to suit. It can be delivered as a two-part show with an interval, or if preferred, performances can be a one-section straight through. Timings can be adjusted to suit the host's needs.


There's a contact form at the foot of the home page, or please use our contact details

tel: 0795 7948116

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