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Dark Light: new live show for 2023

Dark Light is the new Fool's Gold live show for 2023.

This time we have connected the songs to one story: a fascinating mystery based on a wholly true history from 1900...

...and it's amazing how many songs of the time that you will know, smile, and sing!

What is it?

'Dark Light' is a live show, incorporating acoustic music, in a folk vein, combining a true story told and supported by the songs. We also use projected images to enhance and bring the show to life. Audiences will be invited to see if they can solve the true mystery of the missing Lighthousemen.

Who are Fool's Gold?

Carol and Steve Robson have been presenting their story and music shows for many years. The stories are always linked to the songs and music. All our music is performed live using a range of acoustic instruments. You can expect guitars, flutes, some keys, a bass or two, perhaps, ukes, bouzouki...

Some songs are original and written for the show, others are contemporary - and you'll be amazed how many you know!

When is it available?

4 March - Witton Park Village Hall

10 March - Castleside VillageHall

17 March - Edmundbyers Village Hall

18 March - St John's, Spittal

24 March - Lingdale Village Hall

25 March - Dalton & Gayles Village Hall

1 April - Stamfordham Village Hall

14 April - Dufton Village Hall

22 April - Tarset Village Hall

28 April - Hamsteels Village Hall

13 May - Allendale Village Hall

18 Nov - Soulby Village Hall

more dates tbc

More Information?

Contact us on the form below, or contact your local venue.


What happened to these men?

Dark Light is based on the true events of 1900 regarding the mysterious disappearance of three Lighthouse keepers from a  remote island. The mystery is still unsolved until this day.

Or is it..?


The show features all the classic FG elements, a great story, fascinating visuals and of course live music to tell the tale. The music is a mixture of original and very well-known songs.

A dark and mysterious tale yes, but there is still plenty of room for humour too!


At the end you will be able to decide what happened based on the facts - and fictions - presented: turn Time Detective while you are entertained!

If you are interested in booking the show, or would like more details, please get in touch. Please use email, phone, or the contact form below.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Dark Light Contact Form

Thanks for submitting!

Alternative  Contacts:

email:            phone: 0795 7948116

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