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Dark Light: new zoom show for 2021

Dark Light is the new Fool's Gold zoom show for 2021.

It has been created as a wholly new show specifically for zoom using some of the clever functions available to build a fascinating and creative show.

This time we have connected the songs to one story: a fascinating mystery based on a wholly true history from 1900...

...and it's amazing how many songs of the time that you will know, smile, and sing!

Things to ask:

What is it?

'Dark Light' is available to book for organisations and individuals for private events.

Yes, but WHAT is it?

It's a show which blends together a (true) story, fabulous supporting visuals and live acoustic music.

How do I see it?

It is delivered via the zoom platform we can host for you if required, all you have to do is click the link and sit back. Oh, and smile, and sing!

Ok, how much does it cost?

The fee is up to you. We will consider (and probably accept) any reasonable offer. As a guide, the average offer is in the region of £85.

How long does it last?

It runs at around one hour.

What happened to these men?

Dark Light is based on the true events of 1900 regarding the mysterious disappearance of three Lighthouse keepers from a  remote island. The mystery is still unsolved until this day.

Or is it..?


The show features all the classic FG elements, a great story, fascinating visuals and of course live music to tell the tale. The music is a mixture of original and very well-known songs.

A dark and mysterious tale yes, but there is still plenty of room for humour too!


At the end you will be able to decide what happened based on the facts - and fictions - presented: turn Time Detective while you are entertained!


Each and every attendee at the event will also receive a download link for extra material at no extra cost:


  • An mp3 sound recording of the songs

  • A booklet about the mystery, the songs and FG

  • Access to further materials


The show is bookable now on the same basis as the 2020 show. You decide the fee and host. If we host we will be able to use more advanced zoom tools to further involve the audience.

To book or ask for more information, please contact us below.

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