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We're delighted to be able to offer a zoom version of our live show. The show features songs, their stories and of course the videos and images.

How to book a show

Simply get in touch with us at We can sort out the whole thing for you, or we can use your own zoom account - whichever is best for you.

Fees are arranged individually with our customers.

What is a zoom meeting?

zoom is a way of connecting people through the internet. It shares video and sound from the meeting host to your computer (or phone, or tablet…) - and it shares pictures from your computer camera and microphone back to the meeting. You can turn off your camera, and during the meeting, the host will probably mute everyone to prevent lots of sound getting in the way of what is being said or shared.

When you join you will see the meeting host screen and other attendees. You can join in and chat with sound or typed chat, or you can sit and just watch what is going on.



















What equipment do I need?

A phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer connected to the internet. Speakers are useful but not essential. The bigger the screen, the better you will be able to see, the better the speakers, the better the sound will be. 

How to join a show

If you get sent an invitation link for a meeting, you will need to be online to join it.

You can use your:

  • Phone

  • iPad

  • Tablet

  • Laptop (win or mac)

  • Desktop (win or mac)


The invitation will have a meeting link, and possibly a password too.

You will need to install the zoom client, which you can get from here


There's lots of help online on how to install and join a meeting, but really it is very easy!


Here's a great video showing what to do:

















  • wait for your email invitation - it will have the details, link and password

  • click on the meeting link when it is time

  • install the client on your device (if you haven't already done it)

  • enter the passcode (provided in the invitation email)

  • sit back and enjoy a Fool's Gold show!

If you get stuck

Check with your meeting organiser, or ask us!

Our email is:

New show for 2021

The classic zoom show is still available, but for returning audiences (and anyone who would like it), we are pleased to announce:

Dark Light is based on the true events of 1900 regarding the mysterious disappearance of three Lighthouse keepers from a  remote island. The mystery is still unsolved until this day.

Or is it..?


The show features all the classic FG elements, a great story, fascinating visuals and of course live music to tell the tale. The music is a mixture of original and very well-known songs.

A dark and mysterious tale yes, but there is still plenty of room for humour too!


At the end you will be able to decide what happened based on the facts - and fictions - presented: turn Time Detective while you are entertained!


Each and every attendee at the event will also receive a download link for extra material at no extra cost:


  • An mp3 sound recording of the songs

  • A booklet about the mystery, the songs and FG

  • Access to further materials



The show is bookable now on the same basis as the 2020 show. You decide the fee and host. If we host we will be able to use more advanced zoom tools to further involve the audience.

To book please contact us below.

...and finally:

We didn't ask them to make these comments: they just did:

'That was brilliant!'

Notts Area U3A

'You may get a request from another U3A, having heard how well our session went!'

Cheshire area U3A

'Interesting and very light-hearted, just what we needed!'

 Herts Area U3A

'Great concert this morning!'

Cheshire area U3A

Thank you so much for the most enjoyable show which you gave to

(our U3A) yesterday.  As you no doubt gathered,

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I was certainly not alone for,

after you left the Zoom meeting,

we all agreed what a good afternoon it had been.

Kent U3A

Thank you both for a really excellent performance this morning.

It was just what we needed to relaunch our programme

Wales U3A


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