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Beat The Drum is our Remembrance Commemorative show - it's respectful, fascinating, and fun in equal measure! Full details are below...

About the Show

Michael Heaviside was a Geordie Miner, but that was just at first, Then he became a soldier, and for an extraordinary adventure, was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Our show follows Michael's story and the tale of the War to End all Wars is woven within his.

Songs from the time sit alongside our original music to lift the story to greater heights, the projected visuals make use of archive and original graphics to provide a fascinating visual stimulus.

Staging the show

We are fully self-contained and require nothing at all from a venue other than electricity and some time to set up. If a venue has large projection facilities we may ask to tap into those, otherwise, we have our own.

We can work in a wide variety of spaces and have staged the show successfully in Theatres, Churches, and Halls of all sizes.


Fees obviously depend on where you are and what you require, for instance, the show can be in two parts with an interval or a 'straight through' performance. However, we will always do our very best to work with venues to make sure a show goes ahead. A good starting figure for discussions would be £200.

We also have a full-colour book about the story which comes with an audio CD of the music. This can be offered to audiences as an after-show purchase or can be made available as a download for an added-value experience.


Contact Us

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If you're interested in booking 'Beat The Drum' - or would just like some more information about us or the show, please fill in the form and click the orange box!

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Steve and Carol

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